ENOFORUM ITALIA 2021: new records for a wine conference

The 2021 edition of ENOFORUM Italia took place on May 18-19-20 in virtual form, due to the continuing restrictions of the COVID emergency. Despite the lack of in-person comparative tastings and interviews with company experts in a live exhibition area, this virtual conference concentrated all organizational attention on the presentation element of the event, which […]

Selection of yeasts and fermentation conditions for the production of Sauvignon Blanc wines

Selection and screening of yeasts for Sauvignon Blanc wines Marie-Charlotte COLOSIO, Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin, France Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most widespread, popular and aromatic varieties throughout the world. Characterized by particularly strong but also very sensitive varietal flavors such as polyfunctional thiols whose perception thresholds are very low; […]

Preserve freshness and longevity during post alcoholic fermentation phases

Wednesday May 19   The development of a powerful antioxidant to protect musts in the pre-fermentation phases Sieczkowski Nathalie, Lallemand Oenology White and rosé winemaking requires particular attention to the risks associated with oxidation phenomena. Color and aroma are key determinants of wine quality and freshness so oxidative stability is at the heart of winemakers’ […]

Le novita’ di etichettatura ambientale e nutrizionale per il settore vitivinicolo

Etichettatura ambientale: le ultime novita’ applicate al settore vitivinicolo Chiara Menchini, Unione Italiana Vini Il cd Decreto Rifiuti, entrato in vigore senza previsione di un “periodo di grazia” e senza previsione di esonero per i prodotti già immessi in commercio o presenti in giacenza, prevede nuovi obblighi di diciture in etichetta. In sintesi, per quanto riguarda […]

Reducing the use of chemicals in winemaking: strategies involving the use of chitosan for purposes other than microbial control

Tuesday 18th May Fungal-origin chitosan in winemaking for purposes other than microbial control Bertrand Robillard, Institute Oenologique de Champagne, France Chitosan is extracted from chitin, the 2nd most represented polysaccharide on Earth after cellulose. We find this biopolymer distributed in Nature through the exoskeletons of crustaceans but also from mushrooms like Agaricus or Aspergillus. For more than […]

Bio-protection 2.0- Octave a yest for increase acidity and bio-control spontaneous malolactic fermentation

Tuesday 18th May   Introduction Marco Razzauti, Chr Hansen Spa Octave: a yeast responding to the challenges of global warming Lorenzo Peyer, Chr. Hansen SPA Global warming is impacting how wine tastes today and will taste tomorrow. High levels of ethanol and lack of acidity are already properties of warm climate wines, and these are […]