Program Enoforum Web Conference 2021

Daily conference hours: from 16.00 to 19.00 (CET) Tuesday February 23 16.00 Web connection open to participants 16.10 Welcome message Pau ROCA – OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) 16.20 Eleonora CATALDO – Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy Zeowine: the synergy of zeolite and compost. Effects on vine physiology and grape quality 16.30 […]

Great success for the first edition of Enoforum Web Contest

The best ranked works will be presented during Enoforum Web Conference in February 2021 More than 100 abstracts from 13 countries were submitted to compete in the first edition of ENOFORUM WEB CONTEST, a global virtual competition, organized by Vinidea, giving the scientific community an opportunity to showcase innovative Grape& Wine research to the wine […]

Enoforum Web Contest 2021 – Pre-announcement

February 23-25th, 2021 We are honored to announce that several prestigious scientist organizations have already joined the global consortium that is promoting and supporting EWC, an initiative that aims to showcase the recent findings of grape&wine research on a worldwide scale, within the academic community and beyond, to the very large number of wine industry stakeholders who don’t get aware of them through scientific […]

Hervé Alexandre, Université de Bourgogne, prizewinner of ENOFORUM AWARD 2020

The evaluation procedure of the research works candidates at the ENOFORUM AWARD 2020, a competition dedicated to the International Research and encouraging dialogue between research and production in the wine sector, was completed. Thirty-five scientific works from 21 research groups from different countries were competing for the Award 2020, 14 of which were selected by […]

ENOFORUM Award 2020 Research for Development

The two days of the congress will give you an opportunity to attend an uninterrupted series of presentations conducted by internationally renowned academics, researchers and technicians.Among them, there will also be a chance to follow the presentations of the papers selected for the 2020 edition of the International Enoforum Award “Research for Development: Chitosan upregulates […]

Recent advancements on the light-struck taste in white wine

Daniela Fracassetti, Università degli studi di Milano White wine can undergo to spoilage if its storage occurs in clear bottles exposed to light. In these conditions, the reaction between riboflavin (RF) and methionine (Met) can happen generating methanethiol and dimethyl disulfide. These sulphur compounds are majorly responsible for the light-struck taste (LST) and confer unpleasant […]

Discrimination ability of leaf and stem water potential at different times of the day through a meta-analysis in grapevine

Luis Gonzaga Santesteban García, Universidad Pública de Navarra Water potential is considered to be the “gold-standard” measure for plant water status determination. However, there are some discrepancies on how and at what time of the day water potential measurements should be performed in order to obtain meaningful information. The aim of this work is to […]

Galactomannoproteins of Schizosaccharomyces japonicus and wine protein stability

Paola Domizio, Universtità degli Studi di Firenze – DAGRI Nowadays commercial preparations of yeast polysaccharides (in particular mannoproteins) are widely used for wine colloidal and tartrate salt stabilization. In this context, the industry has developed different processes for the isolation and purification of polysaccharides from the cell wall of S. cerevisiae.  Indeed, S. cerevisiae releases […]

Yeast Biocapsules – a completely natural yeast immobilization technique for wine production

Minami Ogawa, Universidad de Córdoba – University of California Yeast immobilization techniques aim to confine yeast cells to a support with preservation of their biological activity, allowing ease in control of the yeast for sequential inoculations or aid with common problems in wineries such as stuck fermentations and long filtration times. Yet, its use in […]