ENOFORUM WEB the first virtual congress in the world of wine

Enoforum Web, the first technical and scientific conference for the wine sector held totally online, with 30 speakers in internet connection from Spain, Italy, France, USA, Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa – was concluded on May 7, 2020.

Enoforum is a congress format created twenty years ago by the Italian company Vinidea, which has shown a progressive growth in its Italian, Portuguese and Spanish editions, to become the largest technical-scientific congress on wine in Europe. At the last Italian edition, held in Vicenza in May 2019, over 1200 technicians from the sector attended 120 presentations of the results recently obtained by 40 viticultural and oenological research groups from all over the world.

The Spanish edition of Enoforum 2020 was due to take place in Zaragoza on 7-8th of May, but the COVID emergency forced to cancel the on-site conference. However, thanks to the experience in webinar management gained by the Vinidea team over the past years, we successfully accomplished an immediate transfer of original content to an online format which allowed the conference to continue uninterrupted, with only the loss of tastings and live exhibition space.

Thanks to the collaboration of Antonio Palacios of Excell Iberica, and the patronage of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine), PTV (Wine Technology Platform) and numerous Spanish oenologists’ associations, Enoforum Web has had a wide resonance among the Spanish-speaking technicians to whom it was addressed, and has registered a huge success with over 2000 participants from Spain (60%), South America (23%), the rest of Europe (7%) and North America (4%). Although unfamiliar to many speakers and congress participants, the internet format easily maintained the schedule of events, allowed for presentation of high quality scientific content, highlighted practical and applicative relevance, and supported an unexpected degree of direct participant interaction through written questions and surveys.

According to Gianni Trioli, Enoforum’s creator and President of Vinidea, “Enoforum Web represents a milestone in technical and scientific disclosure for the wine world. The new digital technologies, even if not easy to use, offer enormous opportunities for international experts to interact with technicians from all over the world: Enoforum Web was attended by technicians from 40 countries around the world, many of whom probably would have never had the chance to participate in a high-level face-to-face conference. We are also very pleased to see 13% of students among the Enoforum Web audience: we are happy to offer access to this international perspective to the technicians of tomorrow. I don’t think that webinars and web-conferences will ever become an equivalent alternative to conferences, seminars, face-to face courses and exhibition fairs, but they certainly represent a method of knowledge transfer that will become more and more important over the next years. We are proud to have been a pioneer in the wine sector and to have acquired the tools and skills to reach such a wide audience with quality content”.

The presentation recorded during Enoforum Web are available on www.infowine.com – Internet Journal of Viticulture and Oenology

Hervé Alexandre, Université de Bourgogne, prizewinner of ENOFORUM AWARD 2020

9 September 2020
The evaluation procedure of the research works candidates at the ENOFORUM AWARD 2020, a competition dedicated to the International Research and encouraging dialogue between research and production in the wine sector, was completed. Thirty-five scientific works from 21 research groups from different countries were competing for the Award 2020, 14 of which were selected by […]

Modulation at the periphery: what is the nose telling the brain

21 August 2020
Modulation of the stimulus is a common property of sensory systems, including both inhibition and en­hancement of selected inputs. In all known cases this modulation occurs at higher levels of processing, at synapses of relay neurons between the peripheral sensors and cortical brain regions. Similar modulation has been demonstrated in the flavor (olfactory and taste) […]

Aromatic quality and climate change. Some tips and warning advice for sailors

21 August 2020
Depending on a plant as sensitive and flexible as the vine explains why high doses of intuition, experience, creativity, passion and tenacity have always been necessary to make a great wine. In the context of climate change, it will be necessary to add to the recipe a great deal of knowledge, diagnostic capacity and an […]

Recovery of wine by-products. From waste to sustainable and high potential energy resource

19 August 2020
G. Piñeiro, L. Pérez, A. Montero; Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal -CIS Madeira, EnergyLab, Fundación Empresa-Universidad Gallega Biomasa-AP is a trasnational project whose aim is to improve the capacities of R & D centres in the regions of Galicia and Northern Portugal to optimize the exploitation and use of biomass from vine, tree pruning, bushes […]

VITICAST: Production, optimization and sustainable development of the vine cultivation through fungal diseases prediction – FEUGA-VITICAST

19 August 2020
Lucía Lloret et al., FEUGA, Monet Tecnología e Innovación S.L., Estación Fitopatolóxica Areeiro, Viña Costeira S.C.G., Universidad de Vigo, Bodega Hacienda Monasterio S.L., Bodega Matarromera S.L. VITICAST is an Operational Group comprised by the following partners: Monet Tecnología e Innovación S.L., the Galician University-Enterprise Foundation (FEUGA), Viña Costeira S.C.G., Bodega Hacienda Monasterio S.L., Bodega Matarromera […]

Whole genome analysis of two multiresistant escherichia coli strains. Effect of grape polyphenols on bacterial growth

19 August 2020
R. Fernández-Pérez, M. de Toro, I. García-Estévez, M.T.Escribano-Bailón, P. Santamaría, C. Tenorio, F. Ruiz-Larrea ICVV (Universidad de la Rioja), CIBIR, GIP (Universidad de Salamanca) Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has increased alarmingly over the last few decades. On the contrary, the benefits of natural products of vegetable origin have been used in empirical treatments of infections […]

Determination of the stability of calcium tartrate in wines

19 August 2020
Norberto Bartolomé Richardi, Pedro Benegas Richardi Research Institute Although, the precipitation of Calcium Tartrate has decreased due to the widespread use of vessels that do not contaminate with calcium, lately the cases of unstable wine have increased to this salt, and that in many occasions it is confused and attributed to Potassium Bitartrate . In […]

Climate analysis to introduce resistant vines in the protected areas of the Castelli Romani regional park

19 August 2020
M.C. Serra, F. Cecchini, M.A. Palombi, N. Calanducci, M. Morassut, N. Bevilacqua CREA Ten resistant cultivars were planted in the experimental vineyard of CREA, in Velletri. The cultivars used were crossbreeds established by the University of Udine, the Institute of Applied Genomic(IGA)and Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo(VCR). They are downy mildew resistant and powdery mildew tolerant cultivars; […]

ENOFORUM WEB the first virtual congress in the world of wine

22 May 2020
Enoforum Web, the first technical and scientific conference for the wine sector held totally online, with 30 speakers in internet connection from Spain, Italy, France, USA, Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa – was concluded yesterday – May 7, 2020. Enoforum is a congress format created twenty years ago by the Italian company Vinidea, which has […]

Research & Development

23 April 2020
Companies presenting the results of their R&D activity: In acknowledgement of the important role of the supplier companies that co-finance scientific research and are responsible for the transfer of its results into practice, researchers and technicians of recognised reputation will present the results of private research addressing various topics. Technologies for quality wine management through […]

Grapevine response to variable rate nitrogen fertilization

14 April 2020
In his keynote speech during Enoforum web, Stefano Poni, from the Univ. Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, will present the results obtained in a medium-term study aimed at verifying the effectiveness of variable rate nitrogen fertilization. The studies were conducted on small cv Barbera vineyards grown in the Colli Piacentini which were first assesses for intra-vineyard […]

ENOFORUM Award 2020 Research for Development

14 April 2020
The two days of the congress will give you an opportunity to attend an uninterrupted series of presentations conducted by internationally renowned academics, researchers and technicians.Among them, there will also be a chance to follow the presentations of the papers selected for the 2020 edition of the International Enoforum Award “Research for Development: Chitosan upregulates […]

Malolactic fermentation: knowledge versus practice

23 March 2020
Maret du Toit The whole process involving yeast and alcoholic fermentation (AF) has been greatly studied and is therefore largely understood.  However, many have realised the benefits that malolactic fermentation (MLF) can have, as well as playing a role in the final wine quality. In order to fully leverage the positive impact of the MLF […]

Chitosan upregulates the genes of the ROS pathway and enhances the antioxidant potential of grapes

22 March 2020
Rupesh Singh, Centro de Química de Vila Real Chitosan is an environmentally-friendly active molecule that has been explored for numerous agricultural uses. Moreover, the mode of action of chitosan remains to be elucidated. The present study assessed the levels of total phenolic compounds, the antioxidant potential, and the expression of reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging […]

Enoforum returns to Zaragoza in 2020

29 October 2019
Evento internacional cuyo objetivo es actuar como punto de encuentro y de debate entre los protagonistas del sector: técnicos, proveedores e investigadores.