Enoforum is the largest technical and scientific conference in the viticulture and enology sector in Europe. Organised by Vinidea and Sive every two years since 2000, Enoforum is an occasion where all the actors of the wine chain – agronomists, enologists, researchers, technology and service suppliers – can meet, discuss and compare their experiences. In three days, thanks to presentations, seminars, reports, posters, tasting menus, exhibition desks, audiovideos, technical articles and leaflets, the participants have the chance to discover all the technological innovations and the new scientific information produced worldwide.

Markus Keller opens Enoforum 2017

15 May 2017
The Fear of Dilution: Rainfall, Irrigation, and Grape Ripening Many growers, wine makers, wine writers, and regulators do not like rainfall and irrigation during grape ripening, because they fear the water will “dilute” the quality of the grapes. This presentation will discuss recent research by his group, which has demonstrated that grape berries control their […]

Preview on the future: 15 European projects showcased at Enoforum

8 May 2017
The program of Enoforum 2017 devotes specific congress sessions to: SOIL4WINE, a LIFE+ project coordinated by Catholic University of Piacenza, focused on vineyard soil and its interactions with the vine plant QUE-STAB, experimental initiative leaded by Col d’Orcia winery and ISVEA, funded by PSR Regione Toscana, targeting quercetin stability in Sangiovese WINETWORK, a Horizon 2020 […]

Presentation of the project ValorInVitis

5 May 2017
For the 10th Enoforum edition that will take place at the Vicenza fair, starting May 16th up to May 18th, a significant space is devoted to the main ongoing research projects related to the wine industry, at both European and regional level. Several themes will be proposed at the congress, including the valorisation of typical grape varieties of Piacenza, which is the main objective of the project ValorInVitis. […]

The Organization of Wine Aroma and its Evolution during Time

1 April 2017
Wine aroma is undoubtedly its most extraordinary aspect, because it expresses its composition, history, tradition and terroir. Wine synthetizes all the aromas that surround us, because it is in wine nature to be earthy, flowery, fruity and spicy, it is in its nature to represent oceans, mountains and many other things that it nobly represents. The […]