The first Spanish edition is already record-breaking, with the participation of 40 research groups, 28 leading companies and almost 500 technicians

Transfer to the Iberian soil for the eleventh edition of ENOFORUM, the technical-scientific conference of reference at European level for the wine production chain, which took place on May 31st and the 1st of June 2018 at the Congress Center of the Zaragoza Fair, this edition underlines the international vocation and the continuous growth of the event, dedicated to the innovation of the sector.

Gianni Trioli, President of Vinidea srl, the company that organizes ENOFORUM (for the Spanish edition in collaboration with EXCELL IBÉRICA), in the opening greetings of the event has reiterated the concepts that have inspired the event since its first edition: Innovation, as application on a large scale of new technologies that significantly improve the production of wine in a given region, is always the result of a collaboration between research centers, for the scientific verification of the phenomena, the supplying companies, indispensable lenders and developers of full-scale technologies, and cutting-edge technicians, who test the novelties and understand their potential and application limits. Where one of the three actors is missing, there is perhaps prestigious research, perhaps excellent marketing, perhaps the growth of the image of a wine, but there is no real innovation. Furthermore, innovation is today necessarily to be researched on an international scale, a technician can no longer limit himself to knowing what is happening only in his territory.”

Born in 2000 from the collaboration between VINIDEA and SIVE (Italian Society of Viticulture and Oenology), ENOFORUM has always involved on a global scale the three actors of innovation (research centers, supplier companies, technicians), concentrating in a single place and few days a complete overview of what has been produced again in recent years.

Thanks to the patronage and collaboration with numerous associations and representative bodies of the Spanish and international wine industry, since its first edition in Aragonese territory ENOFORUM presents itself as the main technical-scientific congress of the sector in the Iberian peninsula: in just two days, in fact, almost 500 participants attended 41 oral presentations by national and international researchers, visited 15 supplier companies stands, took part in 8 demonstration tastings on different wine styles and different technological solutions for wine processing, viewed 23 scientific works posters.

As a confirmation of the attention to the world of research, the following sessions were dedicated to the ENOFORUM Research Award for Development, worth € 5,000, sponsored by EXCELL IBÉRICA. The participants, thanks to the adoption of modern technologies to facilitate interactivity, expressed their own evaluation of the quality of the presented works, and asked questions or proposed comments and shared experiences. 20 scientific works participated in the competition, 12 of which were selected by the Scientific Committee to be presented orally to Enoforum 2018.

It was won by María Ángeles del Pozo Bayón, of the Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias de la Alimentación (CIAL) CSIC-UAM, who with her colleagues Adelaida Esteban-Fernandez, Maria Perez-Jimenez, Celia Criado, Carolina Muñoz-González (CSGA-INRA) presented the results of her research on “Progress in the knowledge of the chemical, biochemical and physiological factors involved in the retonasal aroma of wine during consumption”.

They obtained the best scores in the evaluation, in addition to the winner (in alphabetical order of the main author):

  • María Paz Diago Santamaría, Juan Fernández-Novales, Salvador Gutiérrez, Javier Tardáguila, Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y del Vino (Universidad de La Rioja, CSIC, Gobierno de La Rioja) with the work: “NIR spectroscopy and hyperspectral vision: techniques non-invasive and rapid to determine the composition of intact grapes”
  • Juan Manuel Martínez, Marcos Andrés Maza, Ignacio Álvarez y Javier Raso, Universidad de Zaragoza, with the work “Reduction of the aging time on the lies of Chardonnay wine by electroporation”

The 11th edition of ENOFORUM will also be remembered for having been organized with the collaboration of numerous subjects that play a role in the Spanish and international winemaking innovation. In addition to the OIV, which has given its moral patronage to ENOFORUM for numerous editions, this year the event has also seen supported by Plataforma Tecnológica del Vino, by Conferencia Española de Consejos Reguladores Vitivinicolas, by Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial by the winemaking associations of Rioja, Cataluña, Castilla y Leon, Castilla la Mancha, e Aragón.

The registrations of Enoforum presentations will be published on the INFOWINE internet magazine.

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