The program of the congress is based on cutting-edge research works which were identified by the international Scientific Committee, composed this year of 86 scientists from 17 countries. For the past month the Committee evaluated more than 100 abstracts from 13 countries submitted to compete in the first edition of ENOFORUM CONTEST on the basis of their relevance for modern and innovative wine production.

During the Conference, authors of the 45 best ranked works shortlisted for the award will present their research in a concise, speedy flash-talk format focusing on the practical outcomes. The attendees will evaluate the works presented in real time, and will determine the Award and Prizes ranking.

The selected works cover a wide range of innovative topics for the wine industry, such as using of artificial intelligence and precision approach for vineyard management, copper reduction strategies, new varieties dealing with the adversity of climate changes, use of ultrasounds in winemaking, new methods for tannin estimation and quantification of phenol content, different tools for wine authenticity.

Conference sessions and topics


Genetic material, soil management, agronomic practices, pathogen defense, services etc.


Maturity monitoring, grape composition, grape processing, maceration techniques, etc.


Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, storage, fining, stabilization, etc.


Sensory and chemical evaluation of wine, cleaning, bottling, packaging, market etc.

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ENOFORUM WEB CONFERENCE is patronized by OIV (International Organisation of Wine and Vine), and enjoys the partnership of several other scientific organizations: IVES (International Viticulture and Enology Society), IFV (Institut Français du Vin), PTV (Plataforma Tecnologica del Vino), SIVE (Società Italiana di Viticoltura ed Enologia), AWRI (Australian Wine Research Institute), ASVO (Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology), SASEV (South African Society of Enology and Viticulture).

The conference is free of charge for all wine professionals worldwide, thanks to the support of the sponsors OENOPPIA (Oenological Products and Practices International Association), SIMEI-UIV (Salone Internazionale Macchine per Enologia e Imbottigliamento – Unione Italiana Vini), ENOMAQ (Feria Internacional de la Maquinaria, Tecnicas y Equipos para vitivinicoltura).

Simultaneous translation of all presentations, given in English by the speakers, is offered free of charge thanks to the sponsors: OENOLOGUES DE FRANCE for French, ASSOENOLOGI for Italian, EXCELL IBERICA for Spanish.

In addition to the ENOFORUM Award of € 10.000 to the research best voted by attendees, OENOPPIA, ASSOENOLOGI and SIMEI-UIV have established special Awards of € 2,500 for the best research in specific categories.

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