New Special Awards and more visibility for ENOFORUM WEB CONTEST participants


Abstract submission deadline: November 6th, 2020

The deadline of 6 November 2020 is approaching for abstract submission to the EWC 2021, which already sees the participation of many researchers from various wine-producing countries.

The initiative arouses growing interest in the scientific world and continues to gather support from the most important organizations in the sector that care about innovation.

In recent weeks the following organisations have confirmed their support:

OENOPPIA, International Association of Oenological Products and Practices, which sponsors the initiative and establishes a Special Prize for the best ranked research dealing with oenological products and/or practices

The SIMEI Fair, organized by Unione Italiana Vini at 16-19 November 2021 in Milan, which in addition to supporting EWC establishes a Special Prize that will go to the best classified among researches on technologies showcased at SIMEI 2021

ASSOENOLOGI, the Association of Italian Oenologists, will give a Special Prize to the best classified among Italian researchers, and will finance the simultaneous translation in Italian language at the Enoforum Web Conference in February 2021.

UNION DES OENOLOGUES DE FRANCE will finance the simultaneous translation into French of the presentations at the Enoforum Web Conference, thus allowing a large number of French technicians to discover the innovations developed worldwide.

Enoforum Web Contest is a global virtual competition, organized by Vinidea, giving the scientific community an opportunity to showcase innovative research to the wine industry. The winning research work will bring € 10.000 to the research fund of the main author.

The award evaluation procedure is coupled with the definition of the scientific program of the Enoforum Web Conference, which will be held online from 23 to 25 February 2021 with the expected audience largely overcoming 2,000 attendees from at least 20 producing wine countries. The Enoforum Web Contest is open to Grape&Wine scientists from all over the world, whose activity is carried out in public research centres.

Authors who wish to candidate to EWC 2021 by presenting one or more research papers performed in the last three years, must complete the following online form by November 6th, 2020, including an abstract of the research (in English and in original language, max 1800 characters long for each abstract, including spaces).

All the details about the award evaluation procedure you can find on the following link: Enoforum Web Contest 2021 call for abstract

All researchers in the public sector, including the participants of the contest, are invited to join the Scientific Committee. If you are interested you should confirm your availability by November 6th, 2020, through a simple online form.