Grape session at Enoforum Web Conference 2021

grape enoforum web conference 2021 web

The program of Enoforum Web Conference will be composed of the following thematic sections: VINE, GRAPE, CELLAR and WINE.

The works selected by the scientific committee for the GRAPE session are divided into 4 categories: artificial intelligence (AI), precision viticulture, phenolic compounds, and maceration processes.

Participation in Enforum Web Conference is free upon registration.

José Cuevas-Valenzuela grape enoforum web contest 2021

A new AI-based system for early and accurate vineyard yield forecasting

José Cuevas-Valenzuela – Center for Research and Innovation, Viña Concha y Toro, Chile

Vineyard yield forecasting is a key issue for vintage scheduling and optimization of winemaking operations. José Cuevas-Valenzuela will present a cost-efficient, early and accurate new system for vineyard yield forecasting developed at the Center for Research and Innovation of Viña Concha y Toro.

In-line sensing of grape juice press fractioning with UV-Vis spectroscopy

Robert Dambergs – Charles Sturt University, Australia

Robert Dambergs from Charles Sturt University will explain how reflectance spectroscopy can be used to predict total phenolics in grape juice with an acceptable accuracy and to objectively differentiate sparkling wine press juice fractions.

Dambergs Bob grape enoforum web contest 2021
Fracassetti Daniela grape enoforum web contest 2021 web

Influence of pre-fermentative steps on varietal thiol precursors

Daniela Fracassetti – Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

The role of grape must extraction steps on the content of volatile thiol precursors in must fractions, as well as the effect of sulphite addition and of copper ions, was investigated by Daniela Fracassetti from the University of Milan.

How artificial intelligence (AI) is helping winegrowers to deal with adversity from climate change

Sigfredo Fuentes – The University Of Melbourne, Australia

Sigfredo Fuentes will present new technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed at the University of Melbourne to monitor vineyard growth using computer vision analysis and grape maturity, based on berry cell death, to predict flavor and aroma profiles of berries and final wines.

Fuentes Jara Sigfredo Augusto grape enoforum web contest 2021
Gatti matteo grape enoforum web contest 2021

Multidisciplinary assessment of selective harvesting in the colli piacentini wine district

Matteo Gatti – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

Within-field variability can be managed through Precision Viticulture protocols aiming at identifying homogeneous zones and addressing site-specific operations including selective harvesting. Matteo Gatti from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza will explain the technical and economic potential of selective harvesting in the Italian context.

Innovations on red winemaking process by ultrasound technology

Andrea Natolino – Università degli Studi di Udine, Italy

High power ultrasound has been recently recognized as one of the most promising technologies in winemaking processes. Andrea Natolino from the University of Udine will demonstrate the potential effectiveness of ultrasound on the maceration process.

Laura Rustioni 16 grape enoforum web conference 2021

Freeze-thaw treatment to enhance phenolic ripening and tannin oxidation of seeds

Laura Rustioni – Università del Salento, Italy

Phenolic ripening represents a major interest for quality wine producers. Nevertheless, climatic or genotypical limitations can often prevent optimal maturation. Laura Rustioni from the University of Salento will show how a freeze-thaw treatment can improve the fruit quality for potential use in challenging growing conditions.

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