ENOFORUM WEB the first virtual congress in the world of wine

Enoforum Web, the first technical and scientific conference for the wine sector held totally online, with 30 speakers in internet connection from Spain, Italy, France, USA, Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa – was concluded yesterday – May 7, 2020. Enoforum is a congress format created twenty years ago by the Italian company Vinidea, which has […]

Research & Development

Companies presenting the results of their R&D activity: In acknowledgement of the important role of the supplier companies that co-finance scientific research and are responsible for the transfer of its results into practice, researchers and technicians of recognised reputation will present the results of private research addressing various topics. Technologies for quality wine management through […]

Main implications derived from the phenolic composition of red wine from the Canary Islands

Roger De Las Heras, Cabildo de Tenerife The study of phenolic compounds has been used in some wine regions to assess their potential as a varietal identifier, both exclusively through the anthocyanic profile, as well as using flavonols, or hydroxycinnamic acids. In the Canary Islands some researchers have observed significant differences between the many cultivars […]

Modulation at the periphery: what is the nose telling the brain

Modulation of the stimulus is a common property of sensory systems, including both inhibition and en­hancement of selected inputs. In all known cases this modulation occurs at higher levels of processing, at synapses of relay neurons between the peripheral sensors and cortical brain regions. Similar modulation has been demonstrated in the flavor (olfactory and taste) […]

ENOFORUM Award 2020 Research for Development

The two days of the congress will give you an opportunity to attend an uninterrupted series of presentations conducted by internationally renowned academics, researchers and technicians. Among them, there will also be a chance to follow the presentations of the papers selected for the 2020 edition of the International Enoforum Award “Research for Development: Chitosan […]

Malolactic fermentation: knowledge versus practice

Maret du Toit The whole process involving yeast and alcoholic fermentation (AF) has been greatly studied and is therefore largely understood.  However, many have realised the benefits that malolactic fermentation (MLF) can have, as well as playing a role in the final wine quality. In order to fully leverage the positive impact of the MLF […]

Recent advancements on the light-struck taste in white wine

Daniela Fracassetti, Università degli studi di Milano White wine can undergo to spoilage if its storage occurs in clear bottles exposed to light. In these conditions, the reaction between riboflavin (RF) and methionine (Met) can happen generating methanethiol and dimethyl disulfide. These sulphur compounds are majorly responsible for the light-struck taste (LST) and confer unpleasant […]

Discrimination ability of leaf and stem water potential at different times of the day through a meta-analysis in grapevine

Luis Gonzaga Santesteban García, Universidad Pública de Navarra Water potential is considered to be the “gold-standard” measure for plant water status determination. However, there are some discrepancies on how and at what time of the day water potential measurements should be performed in order to obtain meaningful information. The aim of this work is to […]