It is a company specialized in the transfer of innovation in the wine sector.  Since 1998 it creates opportunities for information exchange between research and production and between regions and wine-producing countries, thanks to a widespread worldwide network of contacts. In addition to being SIVE secretariat, it organizes the national technical update for ASSOENOLOGI and promotes innovation in the wine sector together with UNIONE ITALIANA VINI.

Publishes the internet technical magazine INFOWINE (6 languages, 150.000 unique visitors per year); has extensive experience in the design and implementation of European (FP7, H2020, LIFE, Erasmus) and national (RDP in different Italian regions) projects.

SIVE - Società Italiana Viticoltura ed Enologia


Società Italiana di Viticoltura ed Enologia

It is an association focused on the technical updating and development of the wine sector. SIVE associates both fisical persons (winemakers, agronomists, producers) and legal persons (wine producers, companies supplying goods and services) who intend to support and attend study trips, seminars, meetings and congresses proposed by the association. Since 2000 SIVE has entrusted Vinidea with the office of organizational secretariat.

Assoenologi groups, represents, protects and updates, from a technical-scientific point of view, about 85% of the wine technicians actively involved in the sector.

It also works for the improvement and protection of the national wine production and for its valorization and diffusion in Italy and, as a professional organization of the technicians of the sector, participates in the ministerial technical tables and the discussion of legislative measures.

The Assoenologi also supports research in the viticultural-enological field and encourages experimentation aimed at solving technical problems with which winemakers and enotecologists every day have to confront in the vineyard and in the cellar.