Aromatic quality and climate change. Some tips and warning advice for sailors

Aromatic quality and climate change. Some tips and warning advice for sailors

Vicente Ferreira enoforumDepending on a plant as sensitive and flexible as the vine explains why high doses of intuition, experience, creativity, passion and tenacity have always been necessary to make a great wine. In the context of climate change, it will be necessary to add to the recipe a great deal of knowledge, diagnostic capacity and an arsenal of tools that allow us to respond proactively to the different situations we are already facing.

LThe presentation will firstly provide a brief overview of the keys to the aromatic quality of wine as we understand it today, with particular emphasis on the negative or distorting elements of this quality. Secondly, recent findings regarding the possible origins of these negative elements will be presented, in many cases pointing to the grape itself or to fermentation as being responsible for aromatic deviations that will only become evident after years of aging. Finally, some examples of possible ways of diagnosis and remediation will be presented and a reflection will be made on the R&D actions that should be addressed as a priority.

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Professor Vicente Ferreira

Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza and director of the Laboratory for Aroma Analysis and Oenology (LAAE). Author of more than 220 scientific articles and 3 patents on different aspects of aroma and flavor analysis, mainly in wine. His work has received wide recognition from the scientific and industrial communities, appearing in various databases as one of the scientists with the greatest impact in Applied Chemistry, Enology and Food Sciences. His main scientific interest is to understand the chemical basis of sensory perception. In the case of wine, his group has made notable progress in understanding the chemical keys to its sensory quality and longevity.

The video of the presentation will soon be published in the magazine www.infowine.com