4th SIVE-OENOPPIA Award “International Research for Development”

Premio SIVE Oenoppia 2019

Application form to be sent by December 21st, 2018

SIVE announces the beginning of the application phase for the 4th SIVE Award “International Research for Development” OENOPPIA AWARD 2019, of € 7.500.

The OENOPPIA AWARD is open to Italian, European and extra-European researchers and it is sponsored since 2015 by the association OENOPPIA.

Authors who wish to candidate to OENOPPIA Award 2019 by presenting one or more research papers performed in the last three years, must send the completed form by December 21st2018, according to the instruction detailed in the annuncement.

Follow this link to view OENOPPIA Award 2019 announcement and the Application Form.

The same research, if performed by an Italian group, can also candidate to the ASSOENOLOGI G. Versini Award 2019, although by submitting two distinct application forms.