The Organization of Wine Aroma and its Evolution during Time

Wine aroma is undoubtedly its most extraordinary aspect, because it expresses its composition, history, tradition and terroir. Wine synthetizes all the aromas that surround us, because it is in wine nature to be earthy, flowery, fruity and spicy, it is in its nature to represent oceans, mountains and many other things that it nobly represents.

The volatile compounds identified in wine are slightly over a thousand, but not all of those are really aromatic nor involved in the wine aroma. We will try to understand the origin of those aromatic compounds that are related to wine aroma; we will try to understand why some aromas are strictly related to a specific grape variety; finally yet importantly, we will try to understand how the aromatic profile ages with wine.

Short CV:

Luigi Moio is Ordinary Professor of Oenology at “Univeristà degli Studi di Napoli Federico II”. For over twenty years, he has been researching on the sensorial, biochemical and technological aspects of the wine aroma, publishing more than 200 papers on international scientific magazines.Starting in 1998, he has been working in the agricultural policies in the European Union; in 2015, he became president of the Oenological commission at OIV.