Field factors influencing wine quality


The quality of a wine grape is an essential indicator of its economic value to winemaking. Clean, healthy and undamaged grapes are always more highly valued by wineries and cooperatives because they allow for the production of higher quality wines. Grapes that are not harvested at the optimal moment lose their value. In this round table we will hear experts’ analysis of the factors that affect wine quality and insight into those that can be avoided with a correct pest control strategy in the field. Topics such as the loss of value due to damaged grapes, the grapevine moth causing high levels of gluconic acid and mating disruption as an effective and sustainable technique to achieve healthy grapes and better quality wines will be discussed.

Marco-PierucciMarco PIERUCCI, Agronomist and CEO Agronomi in vigna, Italy


Antonio-CantosAntoni CANTOS LLOPART, Enólogo Juvé i Camps

(Other speakers to be confirmed)